Sunday, April 27, 2014

Great gym results!

Yes! I am very satisfied! I took a new In-Body test and my fat percentage went down again and my muscle mass increased! I got many compliments lately at the gym...a friend who didn't see me for about 2 months said he hardly recognized me!

I am now officially size 8!! I also lost one more kg.. I haven't been this fit since 2009!
This is the proof that one can indeed lose weight and get toned by just exercising. I still eat like before, I eat all I want and as much as I want.
I actually feel less hungry though than I used to be and every day my body is like burning to go to the gym and do some more hard exercising...I really get a kick out of it.
I said to myself, if I don't get pregnant, next year at this time I am gonna be looking like Wonder Woman. Yeah that is my goal and I am gonna stay focused on it!
I am so excited!
Some people at the gym yesterday kept telling me that I look 25!! They got shocked when I told them I am gonna be 40 (!!!!) in June.
In fact I don't believe it myself cause I don't feel that age at all!
Well I am gonna do  my best to keep up the good work and rock that body!! Yayyy!!!

That is me after a 3 and half hour session at the gym!

Friday, April 4, 2014

"You are not alone" Song4Syria is finally here!

Finally this amazing song has been released! It turned out really good. I am so happy to have witnessed the recording of the video together with all these amazing nasheed artists. I wish this project well because not only it is a beautiful and meaningful song, it is most of all a very good cause. Much respect to everyone involved and especially to Children Plus for the wonderful work they are doing.


The song "You're not alone" is available on Itunes for 79p. Download it if you can! If you dont have any money you can still help this wonderful cause by liking the CHILDREN PLUS facebook page as for every like their sponsors will give them 10p.

Please watch the video I made below to explain what SONG 4 SYRIA is about and how you can help in the comfort of your own home.

Here is some footage from the launch of the song on Islam Channel

We had an amazing time at Islam Channel! It was my very first time there...the studio was really nice and they even had wudu facilities in the bathroom! I loved it!

The artists in a happy group shot (although a few were not present as they couldn't make it that evening)

Khaleel and I at Islam Channel

Anyway, thanks everybody for the support! Please share this blog/cause with all your friends, it is a very good cause! Big Up Children Plus!!

Amani Henry - a new star is born!

Wow! So much talent in this family, I am lost for words!
Here is my niece Amani Henry, she is only 19 and released her first single today. I am really impressed!!
She is brilliant, talented, determined and beautiful...what do you guys think? I think she has all cards to be the next Beyoncè!!
Have a listen!!