Monday, April 29, 2013

EVIL DEAD 2013 re-make... what a laugh!



I didn't know what to expect from this film. I normally am not a big fan of re-makes as the original versions often tend to be better but when I saw the trailer, I thought "Wow, this must be a really terrifying film!". Everybody was like telling me "No Hayam, don't watch that movie, that is way too scary blah blah blah".
I went to the cinema prepared to see something that would make my stomach turn and that would make me jump and I ended up laughing throughout the whole film.
Seriously! Basically all the blood and gore you see on the trailer is about it really...not much more to it to see. It seems that the most exciting part of this film are the gory scenes, but even they didn't have that much impact to be is like we have seen it all before, apart from maybe the girl splitting her tongue in two with a knife...but then again nothing shocking.

Hundreds of black metal fans have taken pics licking knives before...not new!

People who saw this film and say it has so much blood in it, they obviously haven't watched "Itchy the Killer" and similar movies LOL.
I think the gory effects didn't have much impact on me because there was nothing that created suspence or that built up the tension. It was like everything was happenning too quickly, before you really got to know the characters and started to feel for is like they were just hanging about in the cabin waiting to be killed and you are just waiting for them to turn into demons just to see something exciting. Apart from the main character and her brother, the rest of the characters were nearly non-existant in the story.

The story was just way too ridiculous. Let me break it down for you and show you the points that really didn't work for me.


- They are in a small cabin with demons in it and they have a perfectly good car and they don't even try to escape or drive away? Seriously...!! Unless one is looking forward to be killed they should maybe do an escape attempt.

The cabin

- The cabin is just tiny, yet when something gruesome happens like someone is getting killed, no one hears any screams, no one comes to help or fight back.... where is everybody when people are getting slaughtered? Are they next door playing cards?

- When the first girl gets killed in the bathroom, nobody really gives a damn about her. They don't even say "Oh my God you killed her" or anything like that...they ignored the whole thing completely and they just close the door and she is history, they don't even mention her anymore for the whole film

The bathroom girl...poor thing, nobody cared about you!

- Another bathroom scene. The main character is taking a very hot shower...the water is so hot that it manages to burn her face so much that her skin gets burned and splits open to the point that later in the movie you can see her bones. Ehm, first off, the cabin is in the woods in the middle of nowhere, it would be hard to believe that they had any running water at all let alone high pressured water that is scolding hot can create deep scars all the way to your bones? Ok it's just a film...then again this is bloody ridiculous! Too ridiculous to be believed.
Plus how many bathrooms does this little cabin have? Because this is definitely not the same bathroom where the first girl got killed.

- The blonde girl in the film cuts her arm off with a tiny electric knife. Yeah, right! It would take bloody hours to get that done but she does it in a few seconds with that lousy blade! LOL

Seriously, your mom probably uses this blade to peel carrots
- The blonde guy in the film gets stabbed in various scenes all throughout the movie...honestly how many times did he get stabbed? And he is still standing??

- The main character gets buried alive by her own brother in order to break the demon's curse. This has got to be the most ridiculous scene in the whole film. First off the hole he digs is just pathetic!
It is like 10 cm deep!!! Ok that he was in a hurry to bury her because she was possessed, then again he has time to find a beautiful red dress and put it on her before he buries her?? Come on!!
But here comes the juicy part: he just covered her with dirt and literally not even two seconds go by and he takes her out from the earth again and revives her with the help of a car battery?!!!
As soon as he takes her off the ground her face is whole again, prettier than ever, healthy and with an immaculate skin! Come on!! She had split her tongue in two with a knife, she had been a demon for the past 6 hours, her skin was all full of bruises and her bloody bones were showing and now she is whole again?! And this miracle happenned in a matter of two seconds?

How shallow is this hole? And the demon doesn't even try to get out?

- They said in the film that if they managed to kill the demon in the main girl, which they did, the curse would be broken. Yet the main character's brother gets back to the cabin to get the car keys (about time by the way!) and manages to get killed by his friend who in the meanwhile turned into a demon.

- In the end of the film this big ass demon is supposed to be rising from the earth. You look at him and you almost feel sorry for old is he? 12?? You can't even tell if he is a boy or a girl!
He is supposed to be all powerful and scary yet the only thing he does is to turn a car on its side??
The main character, with a chainsaw, first cuts off  the demon's legs (and he doesn't even try to fight back!) and then she splits his head open! She cuts through him like butter!!
And the only injury she has was self inflicted!!
This demon boy wouldn't even scare a 5 year old!!!

The big terrifying demon who should have been the film's climax.... LOL!!!!

- In the beginning of the movie the main character is given a necklace by her brother, which she breaks in two later on. In the end of the film she picks up the necklace again and puts it around her neck and it is magically whole again, brand new and shiny!
When did they have time to repair it with demons around the house? Oh maybe that is what they were all doing when people were getting slaughtered and everyone else was minding their own business? And even if someone had tried to repair it at least it should have shown some signs of repairing, a knot or something...don't you think?

- If the film was set in the present times, shouldn't they have cell phones? Trying to get some help?

- The cabin was uninhabited for a long time and the characters in the film didn't meet for many years. Yet on the wall of the cabin there are photos of all these friends together that look like they were taken the day before....ehm...

- What is with the same brown-yellow circle lenses that they are using with every character turning into a demon??

Circle lenses and dolly nose, you are so pretty I want you for my Barbie collection!

- Finally the satanic book looks like a diary of a frustrated teenager..."leave this book alone".... "don't read this" ....ohh woww how scary!!!!

From the diary of a frustrated teenager LOL!!!

Honestly, this film is not scary at all!!! The cinematography is wicked, great images, great angles, but it doesn't manage to create the scary atmosphere of the original movie!
They should have worked more on the story and put less effort into the effects!
Big gory effects are useless if you don't succeed in creating a tense atmosphere....
a film that really scared me was "The Haunting" old black and white film...there is no effects there, no blood nor violence, yet you get scared because you feel psychologically and emotionally involved in the story... this film didn't do it for me.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Adrenaline rush!

I can honestly say this is one of the happiest periods of my life!
I am feel happy, excited and free and I am dedicating all my time to projects that stimulate my fantasy, creativity and give me a true adrenaline rush!
Sometimes I really LOVE my life!
Yesterday we went out for some shopping and some more filming for the fashion part of "It's Groovy!"...we laughed so much! We even got busted filming at a shop and unfortunately we had to delete the footage we did there! Hahahahah too bad cause they had such ugly clothes, it would have been so funny to have those on film :)

Test shot of me from yesterday's session

I must say that I dig lots of things of this season's fashion! Lovely bright colours, shiny bags, high heels, platform trainers...yes yes yes!
We also started to go through the footage we have with Jaylarno and Alan, but we need to upgrade our computer in order to edit it properly or buy a new one asap, as the files are huge and require a lot of memory and power.
We have footage for a whole episode, but it is not quite complete yet, I want to film more, so we need to meet up with both Jaylarno and Alan for some final shots.
Footage looking sleak...check these shots out!

Alan showing his CD "EPIDEMIC"
still image from Jaylarno's interview

shot of me

Me in Wembley
We may be doing some filming tomorrow with the guest for our second episode...exciting! Can't wait!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Groovy ! Second filming day, first episode

Yesterday we were blessed with a nice sunny day in Wembley and had a great time interviewing Jaylarno, Roots and Reggae Selector!
There was a lot of people passing by,  many of them were curious to know what we were filming... a good promotion for It's Groovy! Hope they will spread the word to their friends and once the episode is uploaded we will get lots of hits.
I thought it was going to be stressful to film in a busy public environment, but it was easier than I thought, it felt cool! Apart from some people trying to sell us stuff while we were filming and coming into the shot! LOL!
I am satisfied of what we filmed yesterday even though time was limited and we had to rush to Khaleel's performance to the other side of London, but we got some nice shots!
We need to book more time with Jaylarno to finish up the interview and get some more footage, hopefully we will be able to do it very soon. I see the first episode coming together bit by bit, it is exciting!
Here are some photos from yesterday's shoot:

Me just arrived in Wembley


Wembley Arena


Interviewing Jaylarno



Saturday, April 20, 2013

First filming day of It's Groovy!

Yayyy! We should celebrate our first day of filming!
We had a great time in East London Docklands today where we met Alan John Baptiste for his interview for my webshow It's Groovy! It went really well, Khaleel behind the camera was really creative and energetic and worked like a true pro! Alan did so well and covered a lot of interesting topics and even sang for us!  We came home exausted but really satisfied of what we did today.
We had a lovely time and we managed to cover everything we had planned.
Tomorrow we are going to meet up Jaylarno in Wembley for his interview and then we are going to rush off to Khaleel's concert in London. It is going to be a busy day, but hopefully full of good moments and nice surprises!

The famous O2 Arena in the East End of London

Me and Alan walking in Docklands

cool church behind me!
During the interview

Alan John Baptiste